ORBIT -- A Freeware Space Combat Simulator

by Steve Belczyk (orbit@genesis.nred.ma.us)

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Version 1.01 is now available!


You know the story: You're the hottest space fighter pilot this side of Andromeda. An evil alien race threatens mankind's freedom to live, love, and play Quake 3. You've got a sleek ship with loads of weapons, but this time you're needed to defend our very own solar system. Go get 'em Sparky!


System Requirements:

Contact me:

Feel free to pop around into #orbit2.0 @ irc.freenode.com (IRC) we are normally in there just ask away.


Hats off to Steve Belczyk (orbit@genesis.nred.ma.us) for getting orbit this far sadly we can't seem to contact him.

(This is people who have helped in the past, fitting to still keep them here.)
Many people contributed to orbit by providing bug fixes, contributing code, offering suggestions for improvement, or play testing the program. These generous people include Ian Belczyk, James Lockwood, Joey Hess, Rudy (rdmnsgtn), Daniel Beer, Andrew Roals, Russ Clarke, B. Douglas Hilton, Philipp Hahn, and Robert Morse. Sorry if I left anyone out! I'm sure theres more to come. xD

Learn more about the OpenGL API (Application Programming Interface) at http://www.opengl.org.

ORBIT uses Mark J. Kilgard's excellent OpenGL Utility Toolkit (GLUT) library as a front-end to many platform-specific functions. Find GLUT at http://reality.sgi.com/mjk/glut3/glut3.html.

Most of the development work on ORBIT was done using Brian Paul's Mesa 3-D graphics library, a highly portable OpenGL work-alike available from http://www.mesa3d.org.

The 3dfx driver for Mesa was written by David Bucciarelli and is available at (broken) http://www-hmw.caribel.pisa.it/fxmesa/.

The spaceship models in ORBIT were designed using Andy Colebourne's AC3D modelling program, available at (broken) http://www.comp.lancs.ac.uk/computing/users/andy/ac3d.html. We are using blender now.

The AC3D file loader is based on a program by Steve Baker (sjbaker1@airmail.net).

The TIE fighter model used in one of the screen shots was created by Harry H. Chang (doctor_harry@hotmail.com). It is available, along with many other great models, from the Avalon Public 3D Archive at (broken) http://avalon.viewpoint.com.

The data for the background stars is based on data from Raul Alonso's ssystem program: (broken) http://www1.las.es/~amil/ssystem.

Most of the images used for the realistic planetary textures came from these sites:

The data used to generate the textures for the planetary rings came from images found on NASA's Planetary Rings Node: (broken) http://ringside.arc.nasa.gov

Overview | System Requirements | Documentation | Contact Me | Credits

orbit@genesis.nred.ma.us (steve belczyk)